Corporate Event Planner – Cocktail Wedding Reception Venues

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A complete guide to planning a cocktail wedding reception

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Finding the perfect wedding venue

Wedding planning is a huge task which involves lots of complexities & proper management of all the activities with perfectly scheduled timing. It becomes more difficult when we look for the best venue among all the available options. For that, there are a number of things to keep in mind so that your big event goes off with no problems.


A Roomy Fit

Make sure to choose the venue that can accommodate a large number of people comfortably. You have to calculate space for the wedding essentials like chairs, a bar, DJ, stage, tables, dance floor etc.  Work hard on that and tailor your guest list to make a perfect match.

Plan some space for eating, drinking & also for partying

You should arrange sufficient space for both eating and drinking inside the wedding reception area so that your guests can eat, talk, dance and drink. Apart from that, you have to make proper arrangements for the parking so that your guests don’t feel irritated when they can’t find a proper parking place.



It is one of the most important things to consider on your big day. Always go for the private hall, lawn or a party hall where strangers can’t enter without permission.


It is the crucial element that can make or break your mood. You should have plenty of windows in your wedding hall if you plan to have the wedding during the daytime. During the evening make sure you have a proper arrangement of lights both for photography & as well as for your

After deciding the perfect venue for your wedding, the next thing that is very important is to plan a perfect wedding reception, so keep these things in mind to host a proper cocktail wedding reception for your wedding.

  • Tell your guests what they can expect at the time of wedding by letting them know all the aspects of a cocktail based wedding reception. This can be in the form of invitation cards or by phone.
  • You can make proper seating arrangements by mixing the style of chairs tables & other stuff. Make sure to take care of all the creature comforts while choosing the seating arrangements and layout for your wedding.
  • You should always have a backup plan with you in the case of any emergency.
  • Arrange some DJ’s or a floating dance floor to entertain your guests during the wedding reception.
  • Ensure there are adequate bathroom facilities for all your guests. Ensure the conveniences are located close to the venue and are well maintained.