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Daily Archive: May 17, 2017

Corporate & Wedding Cocktail Functions In Melbourne

Ingredients for a great cocktail wedding venue

Do you want to make your cocktail wedding reception one in a million? Friendly waiting staff with easy service, neon lighting that match your wedding theme, tasty, delicious and mouthwatering food, refreshing and relaxing music with a DJ who knows the music for the occasion, continuous supply of electricity. Remember also to season it with changing area, bathroom and toilets.

It will do your guests a lot of good also if all the sectors will be well marked out for easier movements. Even though the event is for feasting and merry making, ensure that there are emergency medical services in case of anything.

As a bonus point for your guests, make arrangements for means of transportation for your invitees to be dropped back.

== Location and Timing ==
Are you planning on having a cocktail wedding reception? Then beware of the place and timing. How long do you intend your wedding reception to last? If you are planning to have a three-hour event, then make sure your cocktail reception begins at 4 Pm to 7 PM. However, the best time for a cocktail wedding hosting is between 5 – 7 PM.
This timing is ideal because any time earlier than 4 PM most of your guests may not want to eat and any time past 7 PM your guests may expect the main meal.
Since a cocktail reception does not need a big area, you can opt to use a roof top, an art gallery, a poolside, a terrace or even a room at the museum.