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Monthly Archive: September 2016

Gourmet Corporate Gift Baskets For Every Event Occasion

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food,” said George Bernard Shaw. Good food that is packaged beautifully is one of the rare pleasures of man on earth. Gourmet gift baskets are precisely fine food that looks beautiful, and are perfect, thoughtful gifts for a loved one or a business client. After all, who wouldn’t love to receive a pretty basket full of smoked meats and the finest artisan cheeses, all hand selected for top quality!

Themed gift baskets
These baskets usually come in themed packages. The theme is usually related to the occasion for which the gift is given. For example, the binge watch bundle from the famed Di Bruno Bros. has finely assorted food items that you can polish off while watching a movie. Understandably, they are all light munching stuff that tastes just great. A happy birthday gift basket would be celebratory in packaging, and in content. For an elderly couple, perhaps your parents, what better gifts than their childhood delicacies, or the dinner they had on their first date! Or is it a friend with a sweet tooth? Send him or her a wealth of gourmet desserts including delicious cookies and exceptional chocolates. Fruits never go out of fashion too.

The packaging
The art is in the packaging. It should look elegant, and should be durable. In a gift basket, all perishables are packed in heat-resistant, insulated packaging with safe and reusable icepacks. Dry goods are packed neatly around the other material, and enclosed in a sturdy container. Most online providers make sure that your gifts arrive at the peak of freshness.

Create your own basket
Though established online providers of gourmet food baskets do not allow customizing your gift basket, you can still let loose your creativity and choose to create your own gift basket. Things to remember here are mainly concerning the packaging of perishable goods, and that of dry goods. Consider the weather when you plan to send a basket full of food. Make sure food is not spoilt in transit. In addition, remember, there is nothing like an organic health food basket that will please your dear ones in these health conscious times.

These products will always be popular as long as there are events to celebrate.

Food and wine, fruits and desserts – anything you name that is called food, dress them up in an ethnic and classic basket – there is your gift basket ready. George Bernard Shaw was right: we do love good food. We love it better when someone gifts it to us, thoughtfully and artfully selecting each item, and packing it all up in a pretty cottage-like basket that reminds you of the countryside and flower baskets.

Their Future
Do gourmet gift baskets have a future? I can be they do for as long as we shall keep on with the spirit of giving, these baskets shall always remain relevant. The fact that most of them are elegantly packaged gives us more reason to want to keep them alive.